Gripster Wrap for iPad: Think Ergonomically


While there is much to be admired about the portability of the iPad, and especially the iPad Air, it is a device that requires two hands. There are also many iDevice accessories that add important features to the user’s experience. But most of these accessories commit to only one really specific task.
The Gripster Wrap for the iPad (including Mini & Air) is a multi-functional grip, stand, and screen protector. And it’s described as multi-functional because there seem to be about 100 different things you can do with The Gripster. Continue reading


Nest: The Beginning of the Smart House


Nest is an adaptive thermostat and smoke alarm that seems like the first installment you’d have in a “Smart House.” Designed to change according to your heating and cooling habits, Nest will create its own schedule to save energy.

Instead of having a siren-like wail warn you that the toast you already know was burnt is smoking, Nest warns you with a pleasant voice. Continue reading


Elecom Wireless Slide Keyboard: Slide, Collapse, and Store


Never have I seen a wireless keyboard that is designed for use with an iPhone. But there is the Wireless Slide Keyboard from Elecom that surprised me. The keyboard is similar to other wireless versions in its basic controls. Using a Bluetooth connection, the keyboard can be paired with any other mobile device or laptop that functions with a wireless keyboard. But what astonished me the most about Elecom’s version was its deliberate design for the iPhone. Continue reading


Desktop Gramophone: Antique speakers for the digital age


The phonograph, or gramophone, was introduced in 1877 as an early device to record and playback sound. It’s a memorable piece of technology, well known for the huge horn that amplified the sound. These days, Gramophones might not be useful to anyone but the most intense collectors. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it’s iconic shape, still. Continue reading


Pivot Power Adjustable Strip: A Little Breathing Room to Charge


Certainly the standard power strip with its rectangular train of outlets is an advantage over the one or two outlets in a room. When we could only connect a lamp and our laptop, with power strips we can connect about five more devices. But I’m sure you’ve become familiar with the main problem of power strips: they can’t always fit everything. The Pivot Power Adjustable Strip, from Quirky and Jack Zien, seeks to solve that problem. Continue reading


L09 iPad 3 Leather Arc Cover: Hand-Made Like in the Old World


Apple has built their central design scheme around visions of the future. MacBook Pros and Airs are all made of cold aluminum, and the iPhone and iPad are of a similar design with tough glass and stoical frames. But I don’t think I’m the only one who appreciates a little bit of old-world material. The L09 Leather Arc Cover for the iPad 3 is an example of mature design that uses tactile materials like wool and leather, especially leather. Continue reading


Kii Key Sync and Charge Connector for iPhone & iPad: No More Cables!


Cables are my nightmare, but I understand for my various devices to be charged, some hard connection to a power source will need to be made. But there is every opportunity to cut back on cables. So I am very pleased that the Kii Key Sync and Charge Connector exists. Continue reading


Celluon Epic: Typing with Lasers


There are portable keyboards for such devices like the iPad and other tablets, and then there is the Celluon Epic. I’m not sure how to classify the Epic, and it stands that it’s a keyboard. But in action, I’m just not sure what it is.

By mechanics alone, the Celluon Epic is a laser-projected keyboard that will work on any flat and opaque surface—basically, just don’t use it on a glass table. The Epic even includes a mouse function that will track the movement of your fingers. With your index finger on the table, tap with your middle finger as you would with any mouse, and you’ll see the Celluon responds. Continue reading


Agio: Sunlight Harnessed


It may seem odd that a device designed to control light is lit very well, or at least reflects light well. The Agio is a control panel that manages room lighting remotely, adjusting just about every bit of electronic home or office lighting, and it is masterfully designed to portray its own light beautifully. With a glow that seems like the beating electronic heart of the device, the Agio will customize lighting to your specific environment. Continue reading


The Wall of Sound 2.0: To Wage Musical Wars


At almost 500 pounds and with a width of five feet, the Wall of Sound 2.0 is, undoubtedly, the world’s biggest, and perhaps loudest iPhone speaker in the world. The Swedish-manufactured, hand-made speaker system is a tower of 8000 watts of sound on which your iPhone might look a little ridiculous. Continue reading