Aedle headphones: the sound of french chic


The first thing you should do to familiarize yourself with Aedle, the fabulous headphones that have been haunting my design dreams, is to jump over to the “story” section of their website and watch carefully right after you come along with me in this post! It’s such a delightful view to see, not to mention artfully put together. Seeing the headphones themselves, it comes as no surprise that everything related to the company is beautifully designed to the last detail. Continue reading

December 5, 2013
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Tablet Stand from Ciseal: Simple Design at Its Best


There seems to be no better material for beautiful designs than a simple piece of wood molded to the perfect form. If stained well to accent the natural color of the material, wood can stand as a solo element that doesn’t need any complexity to catch your eye. It might be that in combination with the equally eye-catching single-material design of the iPad, the bent plywood form of the Ciseal Tablet Stand is the perfect combination. Continue reading

The Uboard Smart: For Us Obsessed with Order


When I work, I often have a few specific things I like to keep in a certain orientation on my desk. My computer, a cup of coffee, my simple notebook for when I need a little analog activity, three pens, one blue, one black, one red, and a tablet of graph paper for drawing random sketches with a felt pen. While each of these things is somehow important to my routine, they have a tendency to clutter. Instead of distracting myself from my work by constantly pushing my notebook back to its appropriately obsessive position, or re-organizing my pens, it would be better to have an object that kept everything where I need it to always be.

The Uboard Smart, a tempered-glass table that sits above a desktop keyboard, permitting space for typing, is the kind of tool I need. Continue reading

Wow & Flutter speakers: Sound Takes Shape


For those of us who grew up playing with Legos, the need to take things apart, rearrange them, and put them back together in a new configuration is constant. Hopefully we don’t do this with products that aren’t meant to be manipulated so freely. However, the Wow & Flutter speaker system is something that was designed for the twitchy Lego fan. Continue reading

Beoplay A9: Sound as a beautiful piece of furniture


If sound engineering has reached such an extraordinary level of clarity and density, then the only area to excel in is the design of what emits the sound. And if the achievements in music production are so impressive, then shouldn’t the object playing that music be equally so? The A9 from Beoplay is exactly the kind of expertly designed sonic system that compliments the new simplicity of digital audio. Continue reading

Top 10 Holiday gadget gifts for geeks and techies


Today we bring you the coolest gadgets and tech toys that will make everyone around you go: Ooh, what’s that? Kick off the holiday season with the latest tech gear and never run out of power! Here are our favorite top 10 holiday gadget gifts for geeks and techies. Continue reading

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Myo: Controlling Everything with Gestures

Undoubtedly, one of my favorite scenes in a movie, on a purely child-like fun level, is in The Minority Report when Tom Cruise’s character John Anderton manipulates a massive glass computer-type screen with his hands, pinching and gesturing to shift around data. Of all the imaginary and realized modern technologies, this gesture-computer thing would be the one for which I wish. Maybe, it is a very real possibility that such a technology will exist in my lifetime for the average consumer. Continue reading

The Pulse: Tracking Your Fitness


With everything we have to keep track of, there seems like there’s less time to actually keep track of anything. Especially when it comes to our physical well-being, a good record of our health is rather hard to manage. The best thing to do these days is to defer that responsibility to our digital devices and let them handle it. And it’s important to keep track of your physical fitness, because throughout our busy and stressful days, the recognition that we burned a few calories can keep our spirits up. Continue reading

Karma: Gigabytes of Goodwill


Monthly data plans organized by the big telecommunication providers excite at first with pronouncements of “unlimited” service. Often, they end up leaving us a little burned when we realize the particular unlimitedness of our 4G data is in fact very limited. There are some, though, who are trying to simplify the big data process and enabling consumers a little more.

Karma is a 4G mobile hotspot that uses a pay-as-you-go system of $15 per gigabyte used, which is a lot of e-mails sent and YouTube videos watched. If you don’t use more than a gigabyte per month, the advantage of Karma over a big telecom is that you will not continue to be charged a full monthly contract fee. Continue reading

Chromecast: The Browser’s Best Friend


Although the abundance of Android smartphones has made watching Netflix and YouTube on a very small screen ubiquitous, Google is attempting to enhance the viewing experience for consumers with the Chromecast. Designed like a standard USB thumb drive, the Chromecast plugs into any HDTV, connects to an accessible Wi-Fi signal and streams video content from just about every source available. Continue reading