Santa Maria

A new housing development two hours outside of Mexico City purely benefits from the richness of the past and the luxuries of the present. In a historic and protected area of Valle de Bravo, nine townhouses provide a calming respite from the hectic nature of the bustling capital city. Hierve-Diseneria designed the complex with a deft hand that implements the spatial and material restrictions of the site with great finesse. Continue reading



A contemporary home plays nicely with its 1950s neighbors in Montreal. Architect Jean Verville designed a 320 sq.m. family house that rests like a sculpture on a manicured lawn. Entirely sheathed in horizontal white wood, its bold geometry is quietly artistic. Continue reading


Dulwich Residence

With a nod to the original 1920s Montreal home, this addition nearly doubles its size to 2845 sq.ft. Nature Humaine Architects entirely updated the existing structure’s interior to meld with the expansion. On three new levels, the house now provides voluminous living spaces. Continue reading


Chetwynd Road Project

A delightful and light addition to a Victorian London townhouse brings this home in to the 21st century. Cousins & Cousins designed the 185 sq.m. expansion with a delicate yet firm hand. By stretching the addition fully across the property’s width, they maximized the allowable footprint. The depth extends as far as allowed and so matches the neighboring property. Continue reading


Noa House

This tiny modular house is bursting with geometric genius. Designed by Jaanus Orgussar as an expandable home for his family, the Noa house is exciting from every angle. The 21.5 sq.m. rhombic dodecahedron on a hexagonal base will be enlarged with two additional modules. It can be further extended with additional rhombi, which are simple quadrilaterals having equal sides. Continue reading


Kirchplatz Residence

Extending a farmhouse that was built in 1743 is no easy feat. Oppenheim Architecture + Design realized this three story, 3,015 sq.ft. single-family home addition through the use of familiar shapes, lines, and materials. Continue reading


The Vegetarian Cottage

At first glance, I was certain this was a renovation project. However, it is actually a two-story addition to a brick townhouse in Hackney, London. Designed by Cousins & Cousins, the expansion adds a bedroom and reconfigures the living spaces for the family of six. Continue reading


M House

Staggering two simple rectangular forms creates a surprising dynamic. In the M House, architect Marcel Luchian embellished pure forms with light and shadow by cleverly offsetting the top level from the ground floor volume. Both floors are built from solid sturdy concrete panels and enlightened by large glass expanses. Continue reading


BONE Structure

There’s a light steel system on the market that is transforming the construction of residences and commercial buildings. BONE Structure’s prefab components are designed and manufactured in Quebec with the same technology that is used for the precise parts of aircraft and automobiles. This technology offers distinct advantages over traditional building methods. Continue reading


Carre Seine

An urban infill project is always challenging when trying to meet the needs of diversity and economic viability. Add to this a much needed and intense environmental policy and the results are unique. Pietri Architectes designed a complex of three buildings, two of which house 69 dwellings. The third is a hotel of 175 guest rooms. Continue reading