Goodman House: traditional old barn transformed in Pine Plains, NY


The Goodman House serves as a contemporary vacation home, however by looking at it you would never guess what’s hidden behind its walls. Apparently, an early 1800’s barn was transported from its original site and re-erected inside this contemporary building of 418sqm in Pine Plains, NY. Continue reading

House in Yagi: indoor courtyard family home in Japan


In architecture, behind every facade there’s always something new to be discovered. In Hiroshima, Japan there’s a small two-story family home of 112sqm that conceals an unexpected mystery: an indoor courtyard with an earth floor and a central tree located at the heart of this unique house. Continue reading

House at the Pyrenees: vernacular sophistication


Let me tell you about a wonderful house renovation in the Spanish Pyrenees by Cadaval & Sola-Morales. An old house made out of dry stone was the starting point for a remarkable fusion of traditional and contemporary values. In fact, family ties are brilliantly revealed in the making of this project: father and son share the same ceiling divided into two independent homes. Continue reading

House S: unexpected revelations of Tokyo


Somewhere in Tokyo, Japan there’s a place where once existed an ancient samurai residence: House S. Old Pine and Zelkova trees are the remaining evidence of what used to be a domestic piece of traditional Japanese Architecture. Gardens were instantaneously interpreted as the key element to establish a strong connection between different times and spaces. The result is a dark three-story house with green and wood tones erupting from each corner. Almost like if it was a giant black rock sculpted by time and chance, leaving space for nature to quietly flourish between its gaps. Continue reading

Warburg House: energy efficiency for small buildings


In Alberta, Canada there’s a small building of 69sqm called Warburg House that sets a whole new standard of energy-efficiency. Bioi Architects developed a series of innovative construction techniques to achieve the perfect atmosphere for a compact pitched roof volume. Two basic solutions were adopted to guarantee the perfect blend with the climate and context of the site: first, the re-use of the barn typology as the main concept, and secondly, orienting the program for maximum southern exposure plus heavy insulation. Continue reading

Tony’s Farm: organic shipping containers


Tony’s Farm is a large organic food farm in Shanghai, China. It resides in a unique building made of 78 shipping containers – Eco-friendly architecture for a sustainable building. A clear fusion between function and form, where biological production of vegetables and fruits takes place inside a piece of recycled architecture. Continue reading

Contadina House: farmhouse restoration in Cinque Terre, Italy


A small farmhouse in the beautiful Italian Cinque Terre has been restored in the most eloquent way: by revealing the traces of age through a modern perspective. Two autonomous stone volumes compose this ancient two-story 320sqm building by a2bc Architects. Throughout this unique restoration, the design respects the architectonic heritage by utilizing original materials and traditional constructive techniques. A main house and an adjacent barn now shelter a contemporary weekend home that offers all the required comfort for all seasons. Continue reading

Tea Houses: three teas = three houses


In Silicon Valley, California there’s a complex of three small buildings situated among ancient oak trees, each one with its own purpose. As a whole, this unique project reflects quiet and peace – a pure connection with nature completely safe from everyday distractions. Once again Nature has inspired the birth of an exquisite piece of contemporary architecture. Continue reading

Waldhaus Cabin: timeless architecture


A small cabin in Leipzig, Germany demonstrates the modern approach of Atelier St to architecture’s traditional values. Waldhaus is located in a dense pine tree forest, along with several other cabins, respecting the traditional use of flared pitched roof form and dark wood exterior. Waldhaus evokes a timeless presence, while inside, modern interiors are stripped down to minimal essentials. Continue reading

Tree House Extension: take a bow


House extensions can lead to surprising outcomes, and the Tree House Extension by 6a Architects is one of these special cases. Don’t be mistaken by the name of this project. No buildings are hanging on branches or suspended by any kind of means. On the contrary, Tree House seems to be firmly rooted with the 1830’s back garden of two houses in London. Continue reading