Bromont Residence

This long and winding road leads you directly to the azure door of a weathered timber clad cottage. Notched in to the hillside spanning between meadow and woodland, it’s a timeless design. Executed by Blouin Tardif Architecture-Environnement, the 2,700 sq.ft. house also bridges past and present. Continue reading


Chiquet Flood House

To overcome the possibility of flood waters entering this new home, Ben Adams Architects elevated the house 7.5 feet above the flood plain on concrete piers. Replacing a former dwelling, the single-family modern home is refreshingly unique to the community alongside the Thames in Weybridge. Continue reading


Garage pavilion

This transformation is a glowing example of honoring the past while embracing the present. Graypants transformed this post World War II garage overlooking Puget Sound in to an extroverted modern pavilion. Continue reading


T House

In Sutton, Canada, The T House is a deconstructed assemblage of cubic volumes. Driven by the forested hillside site, its views, winds, stream, and sun, NDA Natalie Dionne Architecture maximized the natural elements on the contemporary house’s interior and exterior. Continue reading


Red Bridge House

Set on a hillside in East Sussex, this clearly modern home echoes the straightforward utilitarian nature of its farmland setting. Incorporating three levels with a total of 3,700 sq.ft., the house was designed by Smerin Architects. The home’s name is derived from the Corten steel bridge by which you gain access. For additional drama, the entrance facade is clad in the weathering steel panels, standing upright. Vertical timbers wrap the concrete structure – foundation, piers, floors, and walls – on the three remaining elevations. Continue reading


Topanga Cabin

Who doesn’t dream of building their own tiny woodland getaway? This dreamy cabin in Topanga Canyon, California, was designed and built by designer Mason St. Peter. The whole venture was sparked by an invitation to his friends’ cabin on the property and the prompting of the property owner to build a day use studio out of leftover and available materials. Continue reading


Factory Berlin

This project demonstrates the finest qualities of adaptive reuse…of a former brewery. Built in Berlin over the late 1800s and early 1900s, the building’s five distinct parts were restored and unified by a two-story addition. Julian Breinersdorfer Architekten removed the plaster coating on the original brick facade. With little historical data, recreation of the pre-World War I elements was tricky but successful. Continue reading


Maison de Chateaubriand

Once the home of a train station master, this expanded Montreal house adapts remarkably to its evolved surroundings. The train tracks have been replaced by an urban park with mature trees. On the east side, the elevated highway addresses the street face of the home. The discreet and sober brick facade hosts a swath of vertical wood slats and limited-in-number windows and doors. Their blackened steel frames enhance the iron tones of the original rusty brick. Continue reading


Mini Studio

Once again, creativity takes limited space to new heights and spatial richness. FRENTE Arquitectura carved a small artist studio in to the plot of a former storage space in Mexico City. In this residential neighborhood, they were restricted to a tiny area of just 27 sq.m. Day light is an artist’s best friend yet worst enemy if it’s too direct and glaring. Their challenge was to maximize useful light, garden views, and the sense of space. Continue reading


Lookout House

Simple typology extruded to new levels creates a brilliant home focused on spectacular views. Room 11 architects designed this modern residence for a gently sloping coastal site in Port Arthur, Australia. For their semi-retired-couple clients, the home’s design is extremely private at the entrance. Clad in vertically oriented timber, the façade of the triple gabled house is permeated only by an elongated hexagonal window. Black steel track reveals the nearly hidden sliding door. Deep roof overhangs, also clad in wood, cast a dramatic anticipation for those about to enter. Continue reading