Diogene Cabin: a tiny minimalist cabin


A Greek philosopher once said that luxury definitely wasn’t the real thing to be accomplished on Earth, and to prove his theory, Diogene chose to live in a modest getaway home barrel… Nowadays, Diogene is the name of a modern cabin designed as a weekend home, a workplace or a retreat from the outside world. In Weil am Rhein, Germany there’s a small wooden cabin with room for just a single person – zero chance for any kind of company – this is the perfect spot for those who seek solitude and introspection. Continue reading

Soleta Zero Energy One House: perfectly in tune


An innovative Eco home prototype is waiting to be discovered in Bucharest, Romania. Soleta Zero Energy One is a multi-use building for its versatile design: a small, single-story volume with a total floor area of 48sqm can be used as a weekend cabin, an office or even as a permanent home. The form of Soleta resembles the archaic shape of nomad tents – a modern manifest of persistent values in architecture. Continue reading

Mod Cott On The Lake: Eco-friendly guest house


In Texas, a small guest house features a unique mixture of steel and wood combined with low energy off-the-grid elements. This Eco-friendly weekend cabin is located on the outskirts of a dense forest near Lake Buchanan, firmly attached to its natural environment. Predominantly oriented to the south, the cabin’s galvanized metal exterior is punctuated by storefront windows that frame outstanding views to the south, east and west. Continue reading

Guest House: a perfect spot for refuge


In Michigan, a tiny wooden volume serves as an extension for an existing house and its function couldn’t be more obvious: Guest House. A small two-story building with 42sqm was erected to provide a private space for visitors and also a study area for the owner. A special conceptual detail creates a distinctive mark on this compact unit: Guest House is rotated 90 degrees over its foundation points, generating suspended corners floating just above the grassy ground. Continue reading

Tutukaka House: ode to mother nature


The North Island of New Zealand is definitely one of the most amazing places in the world to have a weekend cabin. Tutukaka House is located north of Ngunguru, a coastal settlement in Northland, NZ. This single-story house certainly complements its surroundings, featuring an entirely wooden structure with a black-stained facade that erupts quietly from the surrounding natural context. Continue reading

Alpine Cabin: a camouflaged refuge for snowboarders


Standing 1300m above sea level, among pine trees and snow, Alpine Cabin is a camouflaged building located in an extreme natural context in Port Hardy, Canada. Its main purpose is to serve as snowboarders refuge, a place where the most adventurous can freely experience living in the snowy wilderness. Continue reading

Villa Wallin: a northern sun-lovers getaway


An enigmatic black gabled house appears to float on the island of Yxlan, Sweden: it’s called Villa Wallin. This single-story summerhouse with only 108sqm of constructed area is placed on a wooden pedestal or a continuous deck surrounding its perimeter… A lovely element reserved for the sun-loving dwellers of this small getaway home. Continue reading

Barache Residence: green fields and fresh air

Jean-Baptiste Barache's House

In Auvilliers, France there’s a discrete country house for those who sympathize with green fields and fresh air. Barache Residence seems to be placed on site like a wild flower that spontaneously sprouts from a fertile soil without disturbing the natural context around it. One single volume with a symmetrical pitched roof reminds the local traditional barns. Even the access from the road is quite similar to the ancient ones: an earthy path leads up to the front door that can hardly be perceived on the red cedar facade. A mysterious welcome sign is presented to all visitors that can’t anticipate the internal configuration of this modern weekend home. Continue reading

Nakai House: a small Indian marvel


Let me introduce you to a very special cabin built for a Navajo woman by a group of eight architecture students from the University of Colorado in the Utah desert, USA. This unusual constructive process reveals how sometimes less can be the ultimate more! Guided by a senior tutor, this courageous team of future architects rewards us with an outstanding achievement: a successful blend between traditional Navajo values and modern technologies. Continue reading

Guest House: an inhabitable cube


In the middle of the wild landscape of Licancheu, Chile there’s a surprising inhabitable cube specially designed for pure delight and amusement. Guest House is a two-story building with an astonishingly tiny floor area of 26sqm. The reason for its existence stands undoubtedly in the project name: a small cabin for visitors. Continue reading