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Getaway Tiny Houses

The Getaway Tiny Houses offers their guests a breath of fresh air – literally. With just a click of a keyboard button or a tap on your mobile device, you will soon be sitting in your own wooded getaway cabin set outside the city noise and workplace clutter. Oh, and did I mention the exact location of the cabins is a secret?

These refreshing recharge units come in 5 styles and sit outside two different city walls – giving you the option to choose between a burrow outside the bustling city of Boston, or make your way to a contemporary bite sized bungalow outside the Big Apple of New York.



Introducing the Boston editions – Ovida, Lorraine and Clara, and the New York gems – Salvatore and Maisie, all of which are elegantly designed tiny cabins with a suave rustic appeal. These solitary stand-alones all offer modern conveniences of home without any of the responsibilities, delivering individual appeal – like Ovida, who delivers a lake view, sleeps 4 and is known to rejuvenate spirits.

Or Lorraine – an independent maven who enjoys hosting couples retreats. She takes reservations for two, and is home to sky-high ceilings along with a healthy dose of “as nature intended”!



Clara likes to keep it neat and presents an authentic air within which she prompts nostalgic dreams. Whether looking to book a family stay or a college reunion, this forested fair maiden sleep 4 and delivers breathtaking views, along with an Instagram worthy hanging chair.

NY’s Salvatore and Maisie also host their own set of wonders, and the Getaway website makes it easy for your to book your unforgettable stay. Be sure to send us a postcard!


Architects: Getaway
Photography: Dylan Engels

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