School Bus Converted Home

This former school bus now traveling home will quickly erase your childhood school transportation memories. Gone are the tight quarters, rambunctious children, cold hard metal, and slippery vinyl upholstery. This 35 feet in length 1978 bus conversion, oozes day light, charm, and comfort. Fully insulated and with a cast iron wood burning stove, it has proven its warmth in the winters in the Colorado Rockies, Washington, Oregon, and New Mexico. Continue reading


Markies: A Winged Mobile Home

I love architectural projects like Markies. Designed by Dutch firm Bohtlingk Architecture, Markies is a mobile home or temporary living space that is perfect for the home weary and travel ready. Continue reading


Sylvan Camper: Coolest. Camper. Ever.

This must be the coolest camper ever! Sylvan Camper to begin with is so much more than just a travel trailer. It is your most trustworthy companion, hauled behind your car, not requiring that much extra fuel when driving, thanks to it being as light as a feather could be for a construction and conception of its size. Designed and manufactured by experts in the company’s North Carolina facilities, every Go camping trailer is built by a team of highly trained craftsmen with the intention to guarantee good performance for years. Continue reading


Ketterer motor homes: travel in style

I presume that whether one is a fan of travel trailers or not, the Custom Line of these super modern motor homes from Ketterer will at least draw attention and rise interest in exploring how far modern technology has reached.

From the exterior to the interior, these motorhomes have little or perhaps nothing to be jealous off next to the finest design hotels of the world’s most beloved cities. Additionally, one may take his/her private and custom designed “mini hotel“ with them, while traveling the continents, country after country, settling in their favorite spots when they wish, however they wish. It looks as if a breath of fresh air and enormous capacity has been blown in the once adored VW van, around the times of the hippies. Continue reading


Leaf House: all aboard! by Laird Herbert

A tiny portable home…who wouldn’t love to have one? Especially when it takes a small amount of space and is prepared to accommodate a family of four! That’s the Leaf House, a Canadian creation by Laird Herbert, who was inspired by the timeless concept of building our own home. Continue reading


SeaLander: A tiny trailer that floats

When you say: the great outdoors – I say: count me in! And when it comes to a new, stylish motor home, it’s even better. Check out the SeaLander – a tiny travel trailer with amphibian characteristics. Meaning, if you’re going on a trip and find yourself on the shores of a beautiful lake, it doesn’t mean you stop there, no… Simply let the SeaLander into the water and float away – go swimming, fishing or even explore an island. Continue reading


Opera Folding Camper: Life Camping Experience


There are concerts, theater, movies and then there’s the opera. The opera is on a level of its own. See, not all people like the opera, it’s not for everyone. It’s only for those who understand and appreciate its powerful magic to the fullest. Such is the Opera Folding Camper – for people who love camping, but like to do it in a fashionable manner, or as they say ‘take it to the top’.

There are travel trailers and caravans of all sorts, however the Opera is a mobile designer suite in a class of its own, offering you the convenience of a complete holiday home. Its features can compete with a luxurious hotel, allowing you to enjoy nature and camping to the fullest, without compromising comfort. This is the ideal way to travel. This is, in a way, a life camping experience. Continue reading


Airstream Trailer Studio: The Potential To Move


Andreas Stavropoulous is a landscape architect, based in Berkeley, California. He has a 1959 Airstream trailer nestled in the backyard of his house, which he bought and converted into a design studio/living space.

Most of you already know by now that I am an avid traveler, who loves the idea of travel trailers and caravans, so when I read about this outdoor studio space combined with a vintage mobile home, I was immediately captured. I love the idea of working from a non-conventional space that connects me to creativity, design and the open road all at once. And as Andreas says: “You always have the potential to move…” Continue reading


A Modern Remodel of the Classic Airstream Trailer


I was quite surprised when I read about an architect, who decided to buy and remodel a 1978, 25-foot Airstream trailer to serve as his living/working space. However, when I saw the result I was literally blown away.

When architect Matthew Hofmann made this decision, some people just didn’t get it while others said he was living their dream. What was once an old broken down travel trailer turned into a polished, bright and airy, modern living space. Continue reading


Holtkamper Kyte Tent Trailer


Completed with new design and technology, the Holtkamper Kyte is full of nifty gadgets. The trailer is made of anodized aluminum with large 13″ car wheels; the tent frame is galvanized and epoxy coated; it’s suitable for off-road travel and can easily be towed by small cars. It also has a mobile kitchen unit on wheels, storage space, and a comfortable slatted lift-up bed – No doubt, this is the perfect gear for campers. Continue reading