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Carrier bike Zigo Leader


Carrier bike “Zigo Leader” is a great idea. This bike is in fact a 4 in 1 lightweight, foldable bicycle with an integrated child carrier that can be used as a carrier bike, a stroller, a jogger or a stand-alone bike. Thanks to patent-pending LeaderLink technology, you can convert to any mode in 30 seconds or less.

From now on there’s no need to tow your kids behind your bike. With the new Zigo carrier bike you can put them in front of your bike where you can see them without constantly glancing backward to check on them.

The Zigo Leader can be used as:
carrier-bike-zigo-leader* A three-wheeled carrier bike, with an adult cyclist turning the pedals and one or two children in the forward-located Child Podâ„¢ – ideal for transporting children or recreational cycling.

* A jogging stroller suitable for use on multiple surfaces.

* A maneuverable standard-format stroller with caster wheels – ideal for transporting children around the neighborhood, in the mall, or on a boardwalk or walking path.

* A stand-alone urban-style bicycle.

The Zigo converts easily between these formats and folds compactly for storage.

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2 thoughts on “Carrier bike Zigo Leader

  1. Bedding

    Markez, I think it is just a simple customized theme.

    I wonder how expensive replacement parts for the Zigo Leader are? The previous running buggy I had broke a strap and the plastic that held it. It would have cost almost $100 for a new one. Needless to say I’m on the look out for something else!


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