bicycle storage cycloc - Cycloc: bike storage solution

Cycloc: bike storage solution


Here is another great solution to include in our “small house design tips” series. Whether you are a commuter, roadie, fixed-wheel or mountain-biker, Cycloc is simply a brilliant solution for bike storage, providing also a convenient place for you to store other cycling accessories, such as gloves, lights and more.

Its stylish, award winning design comes in rich Popsicle Red, cool Icicle White, fresh Verticle Green or 100% recycled plastic in Black, complementing any cyclist interior home design.

cycloc-bike-storageThis stylish bicycle storage solution will solve any space problem you have in your small house design plan. I myself have two bikes just lying around indoors taking a whole lot of space and cramping up my room. I mean so few of us have extra floor space, so why not hang these beauties on the wall for display with the Cycloc and free-up some floor space.


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2 thoughts on “Cycloc: bike storage solution

  1. Lady H

    I had to read all the way to the last sentence before this explained how this was a bike storage solution. The picture shows a pretty circle behind a bicycle in an empty white space. This is not exactly a self explanatory image!

    I would really have preferred a more detailed description of how this device actually works as well a better shot of it.


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