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Tesler Mendelovitch wood creations

Tesler Mendelovitch are a design team that creates beautiful objects from wood. They work with a wide variety of woods including African Walnut, Ebony, Rosewood, Emboya, Walnut and Birch. A trademark of their work is an exquisite geometry that gives their pieces a contemporary yet timeless feel. Currently, their main focus is designing and manufacturing hand-made handbags and tables. The handbags are truly wearable art – they are soft and flexible with beautiful and rich tones. The tables are also showstoppers and have a cylindrical shape composed of wooden triangles.

The Tesler Mendelovitch bags are visually stunning. Their exceptional wooden texture is soft to the touch and delicate yet at the same time very wear resistant. The bags are lightweight and a comfortable grip. The interior of the bags is spacious and has a 100% hide lining.

The clutches come in three sizes- standard: width 30 cm (11.8 “) x height 14 cm (5.5 “) X 7 cm (2.8”); small: width 11.5 cm (4.5 “) X length 7 cm (2.7”); large: width 40 cm (15.7 “) X height 22.5 cm (9 “) X depth: 8.5 cm (3.3 “).



While the tables come in a variety of widths and heights, what unites them all is a flexible geometric pattern. The tables are made using traditional craftsmanship techniques combined with modern design technology. Each piece is lightweight, seamless and sustainable. Oh, and simply smashing!



Design: Tesler Mendelovitch
Photography: Yotam From

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