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Small house living


Living in a small house has become some what of a trend these days. Nevertheless, i still believe that most people, when asked, will prefer a large house over a small one.

It probably goes back to the primitive notion of “…I have more space” or “my house is bigger than yours therefore I am richer, more successful, powerful, blah, blah blah”.

Nowadays, people who are living in a small house can be divided into two groups; the ones who like living small and understand the huge benefits that come with a small house and the ones who didn’t really have a choice in the first place, most likely because of financial reasons.

Anyway, I have become very interested in the small house movement and the principals it stand for and I truly believe that the next trend is already here and it’s called Small House Living.

In my next post I will attempt to show you why living in a small house is so much better than a large one – maybe then people will understand the full impact of living small. Stay tuned for my next post about Small House Living.


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3 thoughts on “Small house living

  1. Yaya

    @sue zeta, its good to know I’m not the only one doing that. My mom and brother think I’m crazy.
    Its like every house or room I see gives me ideas on how a house could be built with all the necessities on a smaller scale.

  2. sue zeta

    i am fond of small houses too. i had been cracking my head drawing small, efficient small house designs… none of them delight me till i found your web.

    thanks for your Small House Living… keep me updated!


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