Small houses – Better way of life

Nobody like being alone; people crave for companionship and community. In one of my previous posts about small house living I have been writing about why you should build and live in a small house, however in this post I would like to raise some points about how living in a small house can give us a chance for a better way of life.

With today’s high-tech cellphones and the Internet people are more likely to connect with one another by means of technological devices. Now, don’t get me wrong, I still think the Internet is a wonderful tool, but still it cannot replace the human touch.

Have you ever wandered why online communities are so successful? That’s because people are trying to fill in on what they have been missing in their daily lives; trying to make a connection with other people who share the same interests and thoughts. Already now people are seeking a friendlier, people-oriented way of living based on communities.

My partner and I are renting a small (compared to American standards), semi-detached home in a small neighborhood. We have been living here for almost 7 years now and during that time we have gotten to know most of our neighbors; people are much more spontaneous, stopping by to chat on the street, sharing cups of sugar and stuff and if you encounter any problem there’s always someone to lend a hand – Now, don’t get me wrong I think that privacy is sacred but there’s still room to form a small, friendly community based on where we live.

When I think about large mansion houses in American neighborhoods, I cant help but think about the distance between those large houses and the people living in them. Most people don’t know their neighbors. Moreover, since the neighborhoods themselves are so large they are also quite distant from one another so people usually drive their cars in order to move around instead of walking and getting to know the areas they live in.

Small houses have smaller impact on the environment, they require low costs to build and maintain and in most cases, stop us from spending our money on things we don’t really need. That is why I believe small houses will give us a chance to positively affect our lives and the world around us.


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4 thoughts on “Small houses – Better way of life

  1. Yaya

    I believe in living smaller too. I hate the clutter in my closet presently. There are clothes still with the tags on them and furniture and accessories all through my apartment which I know I would not have bought if I knew there was no space to put them..(sadly I’m also a neat freak, everything has to be neatly in its place) I would love to downsize and I think a smaller more intimate space would make me do that.
    Not to mention my bills and cleaning time would significantly decrease.
    And to Wow’s comment on global warming being a hoax..I think the reason you are so angry is because you know its true and are in denial. But burying your head under the sand doesnt protect you. It just leave you wide open for whats gonna hit.

  2. tali

    i turned my tv off one year ago. It was hard at first but when you pass this stage – it’s a wonderful day every day.

  3. admin

    Wow man, you have got some serious anger management issues. Eventually all these conspiracies will make you doubt even the most beautiful things our world has to offer.

    No masters here! You’re in charge of your own destiny – you choose how to see what’s in front of you!

    Oh, and about the TV…you are soooo right! Turn it off people, there is truly nothing on.

  4. Wow

    Bla Bla Bla. If everyone on earth built a “small house” not a bloody thing would change for the better. First of all no one would agree on what constitutes “small”.. You may think anything under 1000 s/f is small, Another may think 2000 s’f is small and yet another will insist anything over 100 s/f is too large.

    Life is not about building big or small, Life is not about preventing “global warming”( a complete hoax) Life is not about “saving our natural resources for future generations” or having a “smaller impact on the environment”.

    These issues are not grassroots efforts started by concerned citizens. They are political tools planned developed and financed by those in power. The agenda is two fold, to steal your money and give it to the rich and to steal your rights and make you even more subservient to your masters.

    Small houses are more per s/f than building larger ones. Walls are cheap, space is cheap. Quality is what costs and it’s going to cost you whether it’s a large or small house.

    Build what you want or what you can afford. Build what makes you happy and for god’s sake turn off the TV! TV exists to sell you things, period! It sells you bigger TVs, Sells you harmful foods and harmful chemicals. and harmful drugs. It also sells you thoughts, war propaganda, social propaganda, crime propaganda, medical propaganda… all designed to scrare you into buying more junk and giving up more rights.


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