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Lilypad Ecopolis


The Lilypad is a modern, auto-sufficient amphibious city, a floating ecopolis, designed for future, worldwide climatic refugees escaping the environmental crisis caused by the rise in ocean level.

Designed by Belgian Architect, Vincent Callebaut, the Lilypad, half aquatic and half terrestrial city, can accommodate 50,000 inhabitants. Its goal is to create a harmonious co-existence between man and nature. Its concept is based on a main deck with three marinas,


three mountains, shops and entertainment.


The floating structure has been inspired by the unique structure of the Amazon giant lilypad.


The whole set is covered by a stratum of planted housing in suspended gardens and crossed by an organic network of streets and alleyways. It also features a central, artificial lagoon of collected and purified rain water, which will also be used for the development of fauna and flora.





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