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Harajuku Lovers Fragrance


All the girls stomp your feet like this and check out this awesome gift set from Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers Snow Bunnies. If you’re all about self expression and have a unique individual style, then this collection of Eau de Toilette, doll shaped fragrance bottle set is for you …Oh and it smells amazing, too!

With their cutting-edge winter fashions and irresistible scents, the Harajuku Lovers have their own limited edition perfume set. The set contains 5 x 0.33 oz / 10 mL bottles. Each cap is designed to represent each girls personality with a cute doll cap cover sitting on her own glass pedestal.


As we all know, G is the leader of the pack; her fragrance is a modern gourmand with fresh coconut and crisp mandarin …Delicious.
Love is super cute and frilly; her fragrance is a sensuous floral with bamboo leaf mist and creamy vanilla orchid …Romantic.
Lil’ Angel is sassy and sexy; her fragrance is a fruity floral with raspberry and pear blossom …Tasty.
Music is tough with an attitude; her fragrance is a delicate floral with honeysuckle and sparkling pear …Yummy.
Baby is girlie and sweet; her fragrance is a powdery musk with white rose and Jasmin petals … Fresh, Ooh La La!

Bring in the cold with this perfect holiday gift this season.


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