filmmaker studio brain 4 - The Brain Studio

The Brain Studio


Nestled among large trees and shrubs in Seattle WA, this 14,280 cubic-foot concrete structure by Oska Architects is used as a studio for cinematic brainstorming, hence the name ‘The Brain’. Despite its simple form and materials, in my eyes this piece of modern architecture is both strong and magnificent, simply because of its sheer manifestation and striking geometrical presence.

Based on the conceptual model of the garage, this cast-in-place concrete box deliberately provides the owner, a filmmaker, with the perfect neutral background to maximize the creative process while working out ideas.


I’m impressed by the massive height of the structure with its large glass openings as well as the steel mezzanine and the large library along the north wall. Oh, and check out the bare lighting fixtures and how creatively they have been attached to the ceiling…






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