chen house 5 - Chen House

Chen House


Situated on an old Japanese cherry-farm in Sanjhih, Taiwan, this wooden house is designed to become a part of nature and in some way give itself over to demanding wind, flooding, frequent typhoons and earthquakes in the area.

The structure is raised above the ground in order to let the flood waters run under it, while at the same time designed to catch the cool breeze from the Datun river during hot days.



The house includes a roof terrace, a set of high and low windows, a small bathroom, sauna and kitchen unit, and in winter a fireplace for heating and cooking tea.


“The house is not strong or heavy – it is weak and flexible. It is also not closing the environment out, but designed to give the farmers a needed shelter.
Ruin is when man-made has become part of nature. With this house we were looking forward to design a ruin.”





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