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Yorozu Audio Sound Revolution


When I first saw the Yorozu Audio Sound Revolution kit, I must admit that I was very impressed and anxious to find out how it works and what it actually does. It uses the basic principle of converting sound from an audio source into vibrations and then all you do is place the vibrating extension onto a surface using the included adhesive sheets and …you have an instant audio speaker.

So, I just attach my MP3 to the Yorozu kit and the small transmitter from the kit to paper, posters, boxes, white boards, or plastic container…you name it – and I have audio speakers.


Then, I stopped to think about all of this amazing technology and asked myself when or why, would I want to get involved in all this. It could be quite exciting to make experiments and hear how it sounds when I attach the unit to a vase or to a suitcase but I can’t imagine that the output quality would be too high and that I would want to listen to my latest CD through this type of speaker.

Perhaps, if I was stranded on a desert island I would be pleased to have this gadget with me – knowing my luck I wouldn’t be able to find a suitable item to which I could attach the transmitter. How do you think it would sound connected to a Palm tree??

Have I missed something here – if anyone out there has suggestions or ideas about the usefulness of the Yorozu Audio Sound Revolution kit I would love to hear about them.


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