jimmyjane massage candle - Jimmyjane ContourM Afterglow: I Got Your Back

Jimmyjane ContourM Afterglow: I Got Your Back


Well, as far as it comes to treating your special someone, I have to admit I’m a massage addict. Let’s be honest – there’s nothing like a good massage to have your partner relaxed and spice up the atmosphere… The only pickle is that the hands get tired after a short while, as we’re not professionals. I got exactly what I was looking for when I saw the Jimmyjane Sensory Set. It has ceramic massage stone and an afterglow candle. This is the perfect set, as it contains everything we need to create the right mood.

The afterglow is a natural massage oil candle; however, it is much more than a candle as it engages all senses, and its scent makes you feel great, as scent is the most powerful sense that affects our mood immediately.


The Ceramic Massage Stone combine the indulgence of hot stone massage with the benefits of massage tools. Warm them up to soothe or cool them down to refresh – with smooth, polished surfaces, they glide over skin, relieving tension as they go. It is designed for versatility and is great for the whole body. Use the large dome for large strokes or flip it over and use the four small nodes for multi-point stimulation.


This is the perfect gift for my special someone as I know this is actually a gift for me, heck – this is a gift for both of us. We all know, most times, the massage is just the beginning…


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