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Sonoma Lavender Spa Collection: Cuddly Relaxation


Every winter it seems that my muscles cannot adjust to the temperature and I’m aching all over. It’s the sort of pain that won’t let go since its source is the cold. My partner decided to treat me with something special and different – all of a sudden, I felt something warm and cuddly that smelled like a very special blend of herbal tea – It was the neck pillow by Sonoma Lavender Spa Collection. As medicines don’t work, I was more than ready to try anything else. I’m so glad I did.

What exactly does it do? The best part of these packs is that you can use them hot or cold. Heat them or freeze them, for all sorts of purposes. Hot & Cold Therapy is an effective pain relief solution and helps promote relaxation. By using it hot you can relax and reduce body stiffness, relieve muscular pain and aches, menstrual cramps and minor headaches. By using it cold you can reduce pain due to sprains and injured muscles, pain due to minor burns and bruises, bites and stings as well as reduce swelling and fever.


I can say that using it was heaven; I felt its warmth and cuddly feeling all over my body. All I could think about was grabbing my partner along with this pack to the couch, and cuddle with them all night long. It was only a few moments before I started feeling relaxed, at ease and mellow.

When I was relaxed I realized that this is the perfect Christmas gift! Something my beloved ones will be able to enjoy both in winter and summer. A great gift that will bring the comfort of pain and stress relief as well as a cuddly wrapping feeling that we all love and need.



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