alessi king queen chin - King & Queen Chin Bookmarker: A Royal Story

King & Queen Chin Bookmarker: A Royal Story


One of the things I love the most is when I read a book and I simply can not put it down. Do you know this feeling? You simply can’t get enough, and the more you read, the more you are drawn into it. It could even make me skip my regular visit to the gym or miss my favorite show on TV – It’s crazy.

My friends and family know this, and every time I lay my hands on a really good book, they prepare themselves to see very little of me. But there comes a time when you actually have to do other things and face the real world, so I’ve decided to treat myself to the ever-so-charming King & Queen Chin bookmarker from Alessi.

This uniquely decorative bookmarker makes a colorful addition to every must-read novels. The principal objective of ‘The Chin Family’ – The collection created by the collaboration between Alessi and Taiwan’s National Palace Museum – was to create a figure concept that would be a mascot for the museum.

With this brief, a whole family was created, each with their own special domestic role. The technology used to make the characters is unusual: instead of being made with a single molding injection, each object is molded in separate pieces and then assembled, like wooden figurines.

With a bookmarker like that I was inclined to put down my book, and face the world for a little while… It actually gave me a great idea for a special gift, as I know some other people who will appreciate this beautiful item as much as I do. The King and Queen Chin figurines are also available as fun bottle stoppers, a set of magnets, as well as salt, pepper and spice grinders. ‘Chin-Chin’.



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