meditation hut garden 3 - Meditation Hut 1: Contimplating In The Garden

Meditation Hut 1: Contimplating In The Garden


This small building is an award wining structure that serves as a meditation hut in a backyard garden of a small residence in Urbana, Illinois. I think it’s wonderful, with its unique form and composition, like a butterfly fluttering its wings.

The arrangement of the building, the detailing and the material selection – all contribute to its architecture, its meaning and the surrounding landscape, while the soothing sound of a fountain completes the relaxing ambiance of this meditation space.


The structure is raised above the ground, allowing the garden to flow underneath; large windows are oriented east and west, inviting natural light to come and play across the ceiling; the v-shaped roof, which is also the most prominent feature of the hut, collects rainwater that fills the ground pool. How lovely…



* More info at Jeffery S. Poss Architect


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