holiday home city cf4 - Clifford-Forsyth House: An Urban Holiday Home

Clifford-Forsyth House: An Urban Holiday Home


Located in Auckland, New Zealand, the award-winning Clifford-Forsyth House is inspired by the idea of a boathouse retreat, almost a holiday home within the city. In my opinion, the house resembles a lantern of light; open and spacious, private at parts while also very revealing.

This 250 sq. meters home is three stories high, built on a slope. Approaching from the street above, the visitor is welcomed by a colonnade and glazed screen stretched between block walls.



The structure combines a light wooden frame with separated solid retaining block walls, that divide the space; frame and walls fill out the void between a concrete base and a folded plate roof underlined with plywood.



* More info at architectus


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