modern home blackpearl 6 - The Black pearl Rotterdam

The Black pearl Rotterdam


I admit it, at first what drew me to this house was its name “Black Pearl”, it stirred my curiosity. Then, I noticed something strange about the facade windows. That was it. This house needed to be explored…

What was once an old crumbling building in Rotterdam, turned into a modern home and studio by Dutch studio and Zecc Architecten. What I find fascinating are traces of the past, which are visible everywhere, both inside and outside the building; like an old banister, for example, and holes of wooden floor beams, or the old windows that have been painted black to become one with the new black exterior.

Inside, floors and walls have been taken out, for a completely new interior arrangement; a huge brick wall has been left exposed; and new metal window frames have been installed, sticking out in some spots form a sharp contrast with the existing painted black facade – what a great concept – whimsical and extremely stylish.



On the ground level you will find a large studio and a bamboo garden. Above a connection of half open functions is created; living, cooking and eating, sleeping, a bathroom and walk-in cabinet.

On the top level the old tile roof has been removed to make way for a greenhouse. The plants however are outside on the roof terrace while in the greenhouse a jacuzzi is placed providing a terrific view over Rotterdam while taking a bath.





* More info at Suppose Design


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