mountain refuge c7 4 - Mountain Refuge C7: Chillout in Chille

Mountain Refuge C7: Chillout in Chille


Some placed are just to die for… And this one is no exception – The Andes Mountains in Chile. Located at 2,990 meters above sea level, in a terrain that is a steep rocky slope, the Mountain Refuge C7 makes the most of its stunning location. The 240 sq. meters structure is facing the breathtaking view of the lake and the Tres Hermanos Mountains. Over this strong and harsh natural landscape the house disappears from its view uphill, without interfering the view to the lake.

This getaway consists of two main materials: glass and stone. The base stone enclosure anchors the refuge to the slope and its rocky surroundings, while featuring controlled openings to cope with the variations of snow levels during the harsh winter.






* More info at DRN Arquitectos


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