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SmartPlayhouse: architecturally inspired playhouses


As a kid I loved playing house. Using cardboard boxes, sheets and broomsticks, I would build my own private little house and play in it for hours. Unfortunately these play houses of mine weren’t destined to last for long because at some point my mother would need her broom back or I simply had to take everything down in order to go to bed. I only have great memories of these play houses I built but I have to admit that design and style were not their strong point.

SmartPlayhouse are a line of modern playhouses that are spacious and fun for kids and at the same time are safe and stylish for the parents.

There are four types of playhouses, each with a distinct look inspired by a modern architectural concept and they can be personalized and accessorized to fit in nicely on any property. These playhouses are built with safety and durability in mind, they are made of high-quality weatherproof material so they require minimum maintenance and are great for the outdoors.

All the details, from fittings to openings have been carefully child-proofed and follow the strict guidelines of the European Safety standard requirement. And to fit your personal style and taste, you can choose from a wide range of colors, floors, lighting and accessories.

Each of the four styles of playhouses is unique:
The Illinois model – inspired by the Modern Movement of the mid-20th century, this playhouse is characterized by its’ clean, simple lines and eight windows. Sitting inside, kids get to see the expanse of the view outside without any barriers.


The Casaforum model – inspired by organic shapes this playhouse is “coated” in metal leaves that shine like a sculpture and at the same time blend in with the garden surrounding it. The atmosphere inside this house is bright, comfortable and cozy.




The Hobikken model – a rustic playhouse made mainly of wood for a warm, cozy feeling.



The Kyoto model – inspired by avant-garde Japanese architecture the windows of this playhouse vary in shape and size giving it an original, futuristic look.




Seeing these playhouses makes me want to go back in time, they look so wonderful I’m sure I would have enjoyed endless hours of fun in them.

The playhouses are suitable for indoors and outdoors, some styles come in several sizes and lighting and pavements can be added. The price range starts from:
Illinois – 8500 €
Casaforum – 4400 €
Hobbiken – 2200 € – 4400 €
Kyoto – 2400 € – 7200 €

* More info at smartplayhouse

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