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M-Wavio WiFi Internet Radio: A World of Frequencies


I’ve heard that some radio stations in the east coast play great music and have some awesome talk shows. The only problem is – I live in the west coast, and I don’t have the time to sit near my laptop all day long to catch these stations on the internet.

Well, thanks to the M-Wavio WiFi Internet Radio, from Mutant, I don’t have to do that anymore, as I have over 12,000 radio stations from all over the world available for me. I can sort stations by region, by country and even by genre. Plus, the list of radio stations is automatically updated every time I turn it on. Heck, with FM reception, I can even listen to local radio stations. It’s like having a whole world of frequencies.

Some items are so simple you can’t help but wonder how come no one thought of it before. The M-Wavio WiFi Internet Radio is exactly one of those items.

With its user friendly magic wheel for ease of navigation through menu and station list, built-in rechargeable Li-Ion battery with 15 hours of playback – everything you can possibly need is right there for you to enjoy. This is your way to explore and discover the world through radio. Wherever you go, whenever you want.






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