iphone snap case itattoo 2 - iTattoo iPhone Snap Case: Cover Story

iTattoo iPhone Snap Case: Cover Story


So, if you just got your new iPhone 4 and want to keep it protected with something unusual and extremely cool – then the iTattoo iPhone Snap Case is exactly what you’re looking for.

iTattoo is a brand new iPhone case with a unique graphic design concept. When the case is used with the iPhone 4, the illustration on the iTattoo complements the shape of the “apple” mark and makes a complete new graphic. The case attaches easily and securely, providing device coverage, scratch protection, and direct access to all features. This unique cover is not just a cover – it’s both effective and a cool fashion statement. You’re covered…

All iPhone devices should have a cover, whereas the iTattoo is an extremely cool item with an original feature, that could serve as a very nice gift to give to anyone you know.

An apple is the inspiration, and it’s there in various ways. The apple is served up on a plate, fed to a hummingbird, represented on a keyboard and printed on the side of a truck whizzing down a highway. I’m sure anyone would love to get a cover like that: small enough, thoughtful enough, oozing with originallity and so cool.




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