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Holdtight Case

The Holdtight Case is a great concept that lets you simplify your life, and do it in style! Using colorful silicone bands, you can easily attach a wide variety of items to your iPhone so that you can travel really light. You can attach cash, keys, headphones or cards so that you have everything you need – all in one.

The Holdtight Case includes a sturdy polycarbonate frame and plate and 7 silicone bands. You get 3 vertical and 4 horizontal bands and you can choose from 12 preset color combinations that are made up of black, grey, white, blue, green, orange, pink, purple and red bands. If you want even more versatility, you can order the Expansion Band Pack that has 2 plates and 14 bands.

You can also play around with the way the bands are configured- they can be an X shape, or you can have two or more lines- horizontal or vertical, or you can even invest in a cool weaved look. The Holdtight Case was designed to fit the iPhone 5 and 5s models.


Design: Felix
Photography courtesy of Felix

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