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SmartWipes: As Simple As That


When something is so good, you just know you have to have it. One of the problems we have with our portable gadgets is their touch screens. At the end of the day our smartphones and tablets’ screens are messed up with fingerprints, dust, etc. And the fact is – nobody likes a dirty screen.

With SmartWipes from Griffin all of this will be history in a fast, hassle-free way. Slip a SmartWipe over your fingers and pull the tab; the SmartWipe self-moistens with just the right amount of cleaning solution; wipe your screen, then flip the SmartWipe over to dry the surface, lint-free. Yes, as simple as that.

Now, I bet you’re thinking to yourself that it was meant just for small screens, like smartphones for example. Wrong – you can use it for laptop screens, touchscreens, smartphones, tablets and other handheld mobile devices. You know what, I bet you can use it on a regular computer screen too.

The SmartWipe are individually packaged in a re-sealable 6 pack, which means they are keeping their moist and there’s no need to worry that once you opened one, the rest will be wasted. So, how many would you need?


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