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Studio Pen

The way we write is constantly changing. Some young people don’t even know what holding a pen means because they only type… But there is a return to a more intuitive way of writing which frees us from the constraints of a keyboard. The XO pen, created by the Korean-based By Zero, is an incredible stylus pen that gives you the ability to freely express yourself- naturally write, draw or scribble, and the information will be loaded onto your iPad or Tablet.

The Studio Pen has a very ergonomic design that makes it pleasant to hold and use, and it also has the thinnest tip of any stylus, which gives it supreme writing precision. It uses a patented technology that incorporates both ultrasound and infrared technologies. Sophisticated algorithms track and position the pen’s tip on any surface and convert its movements into vector images.

The Studio Pen is also more environmentally friendly than others styluses since it doesn’t have a UV coating and instead a frosting technique has been applied to the plastic. There are two models of the Studio Pen- the Studio I is designed for iPads and its mode of communication is UART through a 30pin connector. The second is the Studio A, created for Galaxy tablets 10.1 and 8.9 which communicates using a USB through a 30pin connector.


Design: By Zero
Photography courtesy of By Zero

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