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StretchWrite is a really handy invention that lets you easily transition between a pen or pencil to an iPad stylus. The StretchWrite comes in two attractive color combinations- red and grey and blue and pink so you can add a nice designer touch to your writing utensils and enjoy them even more.

The StretchWrite is made from silicone and will fit most writing instruments. It has a soft rectangular textured surface that eases the pressure on the fingers. It also makes the writing/drawing experience more comfortable and prevents your hand from slipping or moving.

Additionally, the walls of the StretchWrite are very thin which means that they won’t make your writing utensils big and bulky. Best of all, the top of the StretchWrite has a hollow point stylus nib that can be used on all touch-sensitive screens.


Fitting the StretchWrite to your writing utensil is really easy- all you need to do is stretch it over your pen or pencil and insert the writing tip through the StretchWrite end with a hole.

Using the StretchWrite you can simplify your life and easily transition between drawing with a pencil to drawing on a tablet or searching for information on your iPhone.

Design: Felix
Photography courtesy of Felix

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