ipad stand case flipstand 800x400 - Flipstand


We have all grown very attached to our iPads. We use them all the time- to watch movies, check e-mails and look at pictures etc. The Flipstand was designed to make the iPad experience even better! The Flipstand is an iPad stand that lets you adjust the angle of the iPad (22 different choices) so that you can view and use it with ease. Best of all, it gives your iPad a chic protective shield. You can choose from two color options- classic black-on-black or contemporary tan-on-white and give your iPad a beautiful finish that will guard it and personalize it.

The Flipstand was designed in such a way that it supports your iPad for both landscape and portrait viewing. You can easily switch between the display options by sliding the iPad out, flipping it, and sliding it back into the Flipstand. It is also very easy to adjust the viewing angle. All you need to do is release the secure clip and adjust the iPad to one of 22 angle choices!


When you are on the go, the Flipstand protects your iPad in your bag or briefcase. If you place your tablet face down into the Flipstand, the secure clip ensures that the glass is well protected and it has strategically placed magnets that make sure that the iPad stays off.

The dimensions of the Flipstand are L 9.6″ x W 7.7″ x D .79″ and is compatible with iPad generation 2,3 and 4.


Design: Felix
Photography courtesy of Felix

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