ceramic speakers joeroth - Ceramic speakers: natural sound and materials

Ceramic speakers: natural sound and materials


Speakers made from a combination of ceramic, such as white porcelain and birch wood, sound like design God finally heard my prayers. In fact, it is another of Joe Roth’s brilliant designs, one I have to convince the dear person I’m living together with that we absolutely need them, not only for their impeccable aesthetics, but also and mostly for the fact that they’ll bring the best sound out of his favorite vinyl records.

These unique ceramic speakers are designed to be easily connected to laptop and desktop computers, iPods and other digital music players, and even turntables.

Manufactured with attention to detail, a minimalistic approach and a love for natural materials, porcelain, baltic birch plywood and cork are mainly what it’s made off. Each material is minimally finished, in order to add its natural beauty to the design. Cast iron and aluminum consist the amplifier, while the only part plastic has been used in is nothing more than the electronic components (cables).


Much like two beautiful sculptures, they’ll bring a touch of modern elegance to your home, evident whether they are in use transmitting your favorite sounds, or when keeping quiet, just resting on your pretty side board or compact writing desk. It comes as no surprise that they have been featured in a large amount of current publications and are especially loved in the design world.


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