modern house austria - Ecker Abu Zahra Honighaus: an Edward Scissorhands’ sculpture?

Ecker Abu Zahra Honighaus: an Edward Scissorhands’ sculpture?


I always look at architecture as an artificial extension of the human body… Houses are built to shelter, to protect… So, as a physical and concrete body for life, aging become an inevitable process in architecture.

Copper has the noble capacity of aging in a seductive and tender away. Ecker Abu Zahra Honighaus in Luftenberg, Austria, fully reflects this creative choice! The house is located in a large plot of green land, a parallelepiped volume clad in copper and glass. The window openings are deliberately positioned and designed, almost revealing a cut style very similar to Tim Berton’s Edward Scissorhands!

Maybe this rusty breathing house can be compared to the uncommonly (but gentle) romance between an artificial creation and a nature’s child! However what makes this house so peculiar is the conception of its heart: a tall sitting-room space rising to six meters around which are grouped all the other rooms, and from which one can enjoy the most amazing views of the outdoors.


A staircase leads to the first floor, where a suspended open corridor gives access to the master bedroom. Also a fireplace is unusually placed below the staircase… The interior walls are painted in an appropriate honey-yellow, offering a bright atmosphere and expanding light to every corner of the house.

The bigger scissor cut let us guess the social areas movement while the little ones preserve the intimacy of the private zones. Romance or not, this artificial creation has the ability to grow old in a very natural way…










* More info at Hertl Architekten

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