garden pool pavilion rga 5 - Pavilion Style House: Chimney + Roof Alliance

Pavilion Style House: Chimney + Roof Alliance


What do you need to create a beautiful modern garden house? That’s right – a double-pitched roof with a bold chimney on top!
These two symbols of shelter are a “must-have” when creating a pavilion somewhere in the garden or near a swimming pool. A cozy pavilion that invites you to come inside; a quiet place which seduces you to spend some time there in pure contemplation; or to sit around with some friends and cocktails.

Actually, such a pavilion is designated to awake the child within you! There are many ideas how to use this cute outdoor room (apart from using it as a nice guest house, of course). The next necessary great-garden-house feature (apart from the generous stone-cladded fireplace) must be the glass walls.

Here, some glass surfaces are vast indeed and scarcely have some sash (at least a visible one), so that the closeness to the exterior is overwhelmingly real!


However, the house is not transparent all over: only a half of it is see-through. There is a part of it which has solid walls (stone- and wood-cladded from the inside). This is a place where you can escape and enjoy some privacy, but frankly speaking this would be quite difficult. The visual protection is not the unique selling point of this small outbuilding. This structure is all about being exposed…





* More info at Robert Gurney Architect

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