river gymnasiums joachim - River Gymnasiums for New York: a machine of human propulsion by Mitchell Joachim

River Gymnasiums for New York: a machine of human propulsion by Mitchell Joachim


The work of Mitchell Joachim is far from being conventional. His approach to architectural challenges is fresh and unusual. Further than the concept of “form follows function”, Mitchell Joachim defends the motto “forms follows biology”! The project that I’m about to show you demonstrates how a simple urban space such as a gymnasium can be transformed into the most amazing life experience.

When gym members are doing exercise, mainly running on a carpet or riding a bike, there’s a tendency to put them staring restlessly into a mirror or a TV… The River Gymnasium concept transcends this static and boring condition in an extraordinary way: using the human energy released by gym members as its main power resource! Surprised, right? Let’s continue our trip…


A multi-planar kinetic space will work as a machine of human propulsion that helps purify water, providing spectacular views and transporting citizens from one side of the river to another. Multiple soft floating micro-island gyms on waterway paths would travel circuitously along the Hudson and East Rivers – can you imagine? Riding a bike while staring at Manhattan’s skyline on a sunny day while floating on water…

The presence of extra passengers increases the vessels’ weight and amplifies the intensity of the exercise. Along the edges of each river a docking facility would supply gym members as a point of departure with lockers, and a reception desk among other services. The multiple benefits of such a brighter concept are almost infinite and shared democratically from the individual gym member to the collective urban society! This is what I call a pure organic approach in thinking architecture…

Joachim’s work is fantastic. For example, see below the “City of the Future: Urbaneering for Tomorrow” for Brooklyn 2110 – how amazing is that?


* More info at Mitchell Joachim

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