glass sauna juvet river 6 - Juvet River Sauna: a Different Kind of Sauna

Juvet River Sauna: a Different Kind of Sauna


The saunas I have been in have no windows and give an impression of closeness. For some reason we never thought otherwise… Until, I saw this beautiful sauna building located near the Juvet Landscape Hotel, in Gudbrandsjuvet, Norway. Now I definitely have higher demands for saunas!

The building of the sauna lies on the slope of the mountain river, and one part of it is dug into the river bank. But the opposite elevation opens up towards the marvelous river-and-mountain views with its glazed facade surfaces.

The most exciting thing about it is the fact that these glazed parts are situated directly in the sweat rooms of the sauna. Which means you sit there enjoying your sauna while taking in framed views of the snowy river banks and white mountain tops… Isn’t it fabulous?



The inner design of the sauna is minimalistic (and you don’t need anything more, having such a panorama). The smaller department has got red concrete walls and grey stone benches. The traditional “vase” with stones is situated in the middle, creating the main accent of the room.


The bigger sauna department has got 3 levels of benches, traditionally made of wood, and the dark-brown finish of the walls and ceiling. The panorama facade here is so huge and breathtaking, that it seems to me you’ll be able to spend there twice as long as you normally do in a sauna.

The roof of the whole building is covered with soil and grass, so it blends with the surroundings, leaving only its big window facades to peer out at these beautiful natural surroundings.



* More info at Jensen & Skodvin Architects

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