buddha machine fm3 2 50x50 - FM3 Buddha Machine: bliss-in-a-box

FM3 Buddha Machine: bliss-in-a-box


Chinese mythology tells of a stout Buddha with a huge belly and a grand smile on his face. He may have been enlightened, but if you’re interested in a more portable meditative experience, the Buddha Machine by FM3 is much more efficient.

Designed by the production team FM3, an electronic music group comprised of Zhang Jian and Christiaan Virant, the Buddha Machine plays looped compositions produced by the duo. With praise from experimental musicians like Brian Eno and David Byrne, the Buddha Machine’s specific use is reinforced by its simple design.


The actual “machine” is a small box with a single speaker that projects Jian and Virant’s meditative music. You can change between two pre-recorded tracks via a switch on the side of the machine, and a simple wheel alters the volume.

Available in four, striking neon colors, the Buddha Machine seems to replicate in design its spiritual project: simplicity.


Photography: Francisco Salvado Sebastiao

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