wooden iphone speaker koostik 50x50 - Koostik Original: a wooden iPhone speaker system

Koostik Original: a wooden iPhone speaker system


There’s something about bare wood that trumps any new carbon-fiber, bioplastic, or silicone skin used to create the latest consumer electronics. It’s simple, sure, this seems to be the basic triumph of the material. But it distributes the beauty of design in a way that just seems, well, artificial with any other material.

The Original Koostik, an iPhone speaker system that uses no electronics, is an expert example of wood’s immortal design potential. With the same basic design of any iPhone / iPod docking speaker system, the Original Koostik soars above its home electronics competition because of its completely bare design.

The sound is projected through two amplification chambers that increase sound lives by 2 to 4 times the original volume. Keep in mind that this amplification comes from regular old physics and wood. There are no electronics used.



Woodworkers tend to highlight blemishes or impurities in material they use. And certain versions of The Original Koostik feature wave-like cracks and whorled tunnels formed by the Ambrosia beetle. The effect of all these unique patterns is that your own Koostik seems like it was made privately for you.

The Original Koostik is carefully designed for premium sound quality from the natural resonance of the wood used. Each piece is handcrafted in the United States. This iPhone speaker system is a beautiful merger of new technology and traditional design.

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