garden shed greenbox 50x50 - Green Box: a green set of hair

Green Box: a green set of hair


Could it be possible for a building to spontaneously change its color and texture with the passing of seasons? The answer to this enigmatic question is Green Box, a renovated garage of a weekend house situated on the slopes of the Raethian Alps along the Italian–Swiss and Austrian–Swiss borders. Its anthropomorphic silhouette is a direct consequence of extending the idea of green roof all the way to the ground…a giant green set of hair seems to emerge from nowhere.

No painting, no cladding, just leafy vines and flowering plants compose the external facade of this small building now turned into a storage room for gardening tools with a kitchen area for cooking fresh meals and also a proper space for tasting them. Just look at this place… Isn’t it gorgeous?


Re-utilized wooden planks line the floor while large sliding windows open onto the flourishing property with galvanized steel frames.


A symbiotic relation between architecture and nature is permanently flowing in Green Box: the huge windows have a living privacy shade made of light-filtering vines that follows the change of seasons. Its organic pattern full of openings allows natural light and air to enter with striking effects.

All five senses are automatically stimulated when one enters the Green Box: wine of the vineyards for taste; fresh fragrance of flowers for smell; colored leaves for vision; wooden pavement for touch, and the whispering breeze of the morning for sound…






Architects: Act Romegialli Architects

Photography: Marcello Mariana

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