levis commuter jeans 50x50 - Levi's commuter collection: Style meets function for cyclists

Levi’s commuter collection: Style meets function for cyclists


I love riding my bicycle. And as much as I enjoy driving, the act of moving my feet into cyclic movements in order to bring me forward and being responsible for my own balance somehow brings a sense of taking my life in my own hands. Watching parts of favorite neighborhoods move slowly beside and before me, brings a value in the appreciation of time.

Quite concerned about the way I dress, being on my bicycle is not the time for me to just be sporty. I might as well be casually dressed, combining jeans, wedges and cardigans or trench coats in order to arrive to my clients’ or personal meetings. I appreciate just as much seeing men casually and stylishly dressed while on their favorite vehicle. Jeans is a key factor. And when the jeans are from Levi’s 511 Commuter collection, then I know that the handsome guys wearing them are feeling quite comfortable at the same time. Style meeting function is an aspect that no male bicycle rider out there will ignore.


So what will Levi’s 511 commuter collection provide you with? Impeccable style and comfort for sure, at a reasonable price. Around $78 for the pants and $128 for the jacket, the longevity of them both will make every penny spent worthy.

The pants material is made using nano sphere technology which ensures water resistance, dirt repellant, durability and protection. In addition, its antimicrobial protection, will keep odors away, allowing for air to circulate. The higher back rise, the utility band and the reinforced stretch fabric will make riding through the city a pleasant experience under almost all weather conditions. {Be sure to watch the video below!} Last but not least, the reflective tape at the jeans bottoms, are going to make you clearly visible at night, asides super stylish of course, as you put up your revers.

Available in standard denim, black and khaki, Levi’s Commuter range will satisfy the tastes of many, while providing the possibility to have more than just one pair. And you? Which one is your choice?




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