public art reflect 50x50 - Deep Reflection: the spirit of winter

Deep Reflection: the spirit of winter


The concept behind this unique public art piece explores how materiality and form can capture the essence of a season. Designed by Adrian Bica and Dimitri Karopulos for the Winterlude festival, this installation utilizes geometric forms and materials to successfully capture the spirit of winter.

Three polygonal shapes forming a crystal-like installation create a series of dramatic reflections, engaging viewers with the crisp stillness of the winter season. I love how the various shiny surfaces reflect its surroundings, enhanced by the clear blue sky and the snow covered ground.


When asked about the materials used for this installation, Adrian Bica replied,

“The Deep Reflection was created with an internal wooden layer of plywood fastened together with piano hinges allowing each polygon a free range of motion until the desired position was achieved. Once the general shape had been created, the polygons were braced with 2” by 4” columns from within and fastened to the display base with bolts and nuts. Reflected plexiglass was chosen over glass for the exterior sheathing reducing the chance the installation may shatter upon unforeseen impact. The reflected plexiglass was then adhered to the plywood using spray foam glue and once the edges of the plexiglass were caulked, the Deep Reflection was ready for display. “


Deep Reflection was commissioned by the NCC (National Capital Commission) and exhibited at the Confederation Park in Ottawa, Canada.

Photography: Mich Chiu


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