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The earHero: Listen Like a Secret Agent


I always wear my headphones when I ride my bicycle. And I cycle around a huge, traffic-swollen city: New York. I’m usually worried on some level that I’ve disabled an important sense; it’s important to hear to be safe on a bike in New York City. But do you really want to just listen to the taxis beeping at you and rumbling, down-shifting delivery trucks instead of your favorite song?

With mechanics I don’t completely understand, but I am nevertheless excited for, earHero headphones allow you to manage your distractions without risk of accident.

The earHero takes its design from a similar ear-piece used by security agents – we’re all familiar with those men in black suits with their index finger pressing some hidden device in their ear.

Consisting of a tiny speaker attached to the familiar wiring for all other headphones, the earHero sits gently in your ear canal and allows you to listen to music without limiting your hearing for all other sounds in your environment.


The headphones, pretend like you’re a secret agent if you want to, were designed by an audiologist, someone who specializes in understanding how we hear. So, considering the connection to federal agents and hearing scientists, I’d assume wearing the earHero makes you feel a little bit like Iron Man.

Safety’s important, but so is a great song. Thankfully, earHero manages both.



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