spaeker bluetooth vamp 50x50 - The Vamp: Giving Life to Old Technology

The Vamp: Giving Life to Old Technology


This is cool design. There is a discrete, square device that can reawaken any old speaker and resurrect it to play music once again. The Vamp, a project by London-based designer Paul Cocksedge, which he funded on Kickstarter, is a small red boxey shaped tool that when connected to any speaker with the 3.5mm cord plays anything via Bluetooth.

If you’re using a speaker that has the older red and black terminals, a compatible cable comes with The Vamp to avoid any obstacles with old technology. It’s true: even if the speaker just has a coated copper wire coming out of the back, The Vamp has it’s own terminals that you can pinch the wire to and keep sound flowing. The Vamp sits discretely on the speaker by attaching to the feature with a small magnet inside it body.


Sometimes there is no substitute for the huge monitors that were familiar to a bulkier music age. But these massive speakers still have the potential to play impressive sound, and The Vamp is the little friend these big dusty things were waiting for to bring them back to life.




Photography by Mark Cocksedge

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