ipod shuffle swim kit 50x50 - The iPod Shuffle Swim Kit: underwater soundtrack

The iPod Shuffle Swim Kit: underwater soundtrack


There’s a soothing sound to rushing water, but usually when you’re swimming, you’re more frustrated with water getting in your ears than delighting in the sound it makes. You could use earplugs, but then you wouldn’t hear anything but all of your huffing and puffing when you turn your face out of the water for a second to breath, and then plunge back down and hear blub blub blub, or something like that. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a soundtrack while underwater?

With the iPod Shuffle Swim Kit from WaterFi, you can guarantee a waterproof musical experience that might come close to making you feel like you’re the underdog training for the Olympics in a blockbuster montage scene.


The setup is waterproof up to 210 feet, and there is no risk of corrosion. Everything on the WaterFi is water-tight, if you need to unplug the headphones for some reason, click to change the song, or shut it off for a silent swim, there’s no risk.

Combining the iPod Shuffle’s clippable compact design with waterproof earbuds, the WaterFi is the perfect accessory for swimming, surfing and other water sports.


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