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Duracell Powermat: Charge, Don’t Trip


With power going to Wi-Fi, 4G, GPS, Video, Sound, and everything else a smartphone can do, (make calls, don’t forget), it doesn’t take long for the battery to reach a point where your day becomes a very anxious one as you run around with the charging chord looking for an outlet. Even if you’re diligent and do a fresh charge overnight, with all the different features engaged, a smartphone is a useful thing for about 30 minutes.

Sort of like standard bearers of extra power, Duracell has designed the Powermat, a slip-on source of extra power for your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S III that doesn’t add an extra inch to your phone. Used with the wireless charging case, your phone can sit anywhere on the Powermat and get to charging just like that. The Powermat uses electromagnetic induction to charge the phone without you needing to plug the phone in and trip over the wire.

Designed by Yves Behar, the Powermat setup is discreet, its very specific function making no room for unnecessary frills.



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