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The Beolit 12: Take a Picnic


Were I to tell you there is a portable speaker system that resembles a picnic basket, I can’t predict your reaction, but I suspect you’d be a little confused. Would it be like the bulky, woven reed basket that looks like it belongs in a craft fair painting of a meadow? I don’t know if there are more modern variations of the classic picnic basket, but that is what I immediately think of when I see the Beolit 12, the portable speakers system for your smartphone by Bang & Olufsen. And because of its digital pastoral design, the Beolit 12 looks like the perfect thing to bring along with a couple of sandwiches.

The Beolit 12 acts like a wireless audio enhancement if you’re listening to music, watching a movie on your iPad, or playing a game. Anticipating a group of people to gather with you, bring the Beolit 12 and don’t worry about having to huddle around your iPhone to listen to tunes.



The design of the Beolit 12 is very stylish. The speakers are surrounded by an aluminum grill that makes the device look very durable. A dapper leather strap allows you to carry the Beolit 12 without it looking like a piece of equipment your taking to the construction site.

The Beolit 12 is an important accompaniment to any dinner party, picnic, backyard rave, or personal listening session.



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