beoplay a9 speakers ns 50x50 - Beoplay A9: Sound as a beautiful piece of furniture

Beoplay A9: Sound as a beautiful piece of furniture


If sound engineering has reached such an extraordinary level of clarity and density, then the only area to excel in is the design of what emits the sound. And if the achievements in music production are so impressive, then shouldn’t the object playing that music be equally so? The A9 from Beoplay is exactly the kind of expertly designed sonic system that compliments the new simplicity of digital audio.

The A9 looks something like a perfectly smooth stone supported by three, equally smooth wooden legs. The design was intentional; folks at Beoplay wanted the A9 to stand as a beautiful piece of furniture with the additional function of a sound system.



The A9 was designed without any misunderstood components. The legs act as reflex mechanisms, channeling the vibration from bass-level sound away from the speaker guaranteeing no irritating vibrations. And to secure the A9’s appeal, you can customize the color of the speaker cover and select Beech, Oak, or Teak woods for the legs, or, you can choose a wall mount instead to suspend the A9 like a sculpture.



For a regional homage, Beoplay created an exclusive special edition for the A9 called the Nordic Sky series. Inspired by the vivid colors of Scandinavian Summer skies, the modified A9’s feature blushes of blue and red on the lips of the speakers.


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