subwoofer beolab bo 50x50 - Beolab 2 by Bang & Olufsen: Bug-like Bass

Beolab 2 by Bang & Olufsen: Bug-like Bass


As a guitar player, learning to love bass tones is like the slow-burn fulfillment of living as an adult. Everything to do with the word bass seems to get shoved into the background in most contexts. Solos are giving to so-called “lead” instruments like guitars. Stand-up bass players are confined to a corner of the stage near the drummer, both working in low-tone synchronization to make sure the song doesn’t fray because the trumpet and saxophone players are wandering around their instrument like they were the only musician playing. Perhaps as I get older though, I crave the security of bass tones.

What better to define these tones with a fun design included than the Beolab 2 by Danish company Bang & Olufsen? Beolab 2 looks like a cartoonish cross between a bug and a robot. The two speakers look like massive eyes on the head of some kind of squat future being. But according to Bang & Olufsen, the comedic design is functional – because the Beolab 2 lacks sharp corners, noise diffraction is reduced, producing clearer tones.


But while most sub-woofers tend to sit behind the base of your entertainment system, the Beolab 2 is a unique design feature like a chandelier or a stylish piece of furniture.

May the bass players of the world find some respective and attentive ears with the help of the Beolab 2.


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