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Sonos Play:1: Any song in any room

With so much of our media stored in the cloud, it would make sense for the devices that play the media to be untethered, too. The Play:1 is part of Sonos’ series of speakers that play your music via wireless connections. Using Sonos’ own Hi-Fi wireless audio streaming system, not Bluetooth or Apple’s Airplay, the Play:1 can playback the same or different songs at a range of 30 feet and with no interruption from phone calls or Twitter notifications.

Each individual Play:1, a metallic cylinder-shaped device, can be placed throughout your home, apartment, or office, and play a different song according to the mood you might want to set for each room. Have a playlist that is perfect for cooking breakfast, but someone is taking his morning shower and wants to blast something to sing-along to, if each room had a Play:1, then there would be no issue playing different tunes.



With the bridge, a dedicated WiFi source, the Play:1 is almost immune to interruption from inconsistent wireless signals. The Play:1, and the Sonos system in general, is perfect for the audiophile who wants constant control of his or her listening experience.



Design: Sonos
Photography courtesy of Sonos

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