wall of sound 20 1000x666 - The Wall of Sound 2.0: To Wage Musical Wars

The Wall of Sound 2.0: To Wage Musical Wars

At almost 500 pounds and with a width of five feet, the Wall of Sound 2.0 is, undoubtedly, the world’s biggest, and perhaps loudest iPhone speaker in the world. The Swedish-manufactured, hand-made speaker system is a tower of 8000 watts of sound on which your iPhone might look a little ridiculous.

The Wall of Sound 2.0 acts as a familiar speaker dock for an iPhone, and it generally has simple features. Next to spot in which you plug-in your iPhone though is an hilarious looking monkey head that is actually very functional. With glowing eyes, the Monkey indicates if you’re listening to your music with appropriate volume, or if you will suddenly lose hearing—blue eyes indicate clarity, red eyes indicate mayhem. Only 125 of the 8000 total watts are recommended for amplification.



The design is literally a wall. The massive rectangular box features 44 different speakers with two subwoofers guaranteed to produce powerful sound. And for fans of Spinal Tap, the volume nob on the Wall of Sound goes to 11.



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