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Desktop Gramophone: Antique speakers for the digital age

The phonograph, or gramophone, was introduced in 1877 as an early device to record and playback sound. It’s a memorable piece of technology, well known for the huge horn that amplified the sound. These days, Gramophones might not be useful to anyone but the most intense collectors. That doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it’s iconic shape, still.

Restoration Hardware designed the Desktop Gramophone for the iPhone and iPad. A completely independent speaker, the Desktop Gramophone requires no power; it amplifies all your music through the simplicity of natural acoustics.



Some people may be incredibly confused when they see the Desktop Gramophone in your home or office. They may feel altogether transported to the late 1800s. This unique piece is handcrafted from solid walnut or oak, and the horn is manufactured from iron and brass, materials we don’t often see in modern technology.

Less than two feet tall, the Desktop Gramophone is nice and compact. Both versions are available for the iPhone and iPad, and they each demand some attention.


Photography courtesy of Restoration Hardware

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